Thursday, April 13, 2006

Guesstimates on April 13 , 8:50 am ET

June S&P Futures: I think that the 1289.25 low will hold and that the initial phase of a rally above 1330 is about to begin.

June Bonds: The bonds dropped to 107-05 this morning, a tad below the 107-08 target I  cited in yesterday afternoon’s post. I think the next development will be a rally to 109-00.

June 10 Year Notes: The notes should hold 105-16 and then rally to 106-20.

US Dollar -Euro: The market is now in the third phase of its correction from 123.31. I am expecting a low near 119.90 and then a move up to 125.00.

May Crude: The next significant move will be downward to 56.80-57.20. I think that over the next few months the market will drop to 52.00 or lower.

June Gold: Gold has reached my 605 target. The next big move will be downward.  

May Silver: Silver has traded as high as 1301 but I think that resistance at 1272 will hold and that a big break lies just ahead.

Google: GOOG is on its way to 440 and I now believe that continuation up to 495 is also likely. Support is at 402.

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Anonymous said...

good morning CARL,
can you explain, please, what makes you so bullish about EQUITY market???

You are goood trader, but I think
you are tooooo bullish, similiar to last YEAR APRIL and SEPTEMBER,OCTOBER action. I think, we are at the EDGE of biggest decline in years.