Monday, July 07, 2008

The Tribune Chimes In

Here is an image of the first page of today's Chicago Tribune business section.  


Anonymous said...

I use to laugh at astrologists making market predictions. Then I realized they were no worse than a coin toss and would beat many "professional" predictions.

My point is even news people are going to get some bear markets correct and this may be one of them.

BTW I love your blog

Anonymous said...

ES broke down to NEW LOWS for the year. When should we expect new estimate from you?

Carl Futia said...

Just for the record: the two comments you see above were posted to the blog when the cash S&P was trading at 1243.

Notice how both people waited until after the big break we've seen today to the market below Thursday's low before they had the courage to state their views.

Sad to say, we can't make money by trading the past.

Anonymous said...


Sorry you hated my comments so much, but I was not aware of the market falling when I made them. I was just trying to point out that you can not always count on news reporters being wrong.

I sold all my investments last year and have only been trying to trade the market at extremes as I am a bear. I sold my shorts to early in this current down turn so I am obviously not a perfect prognosticator either.

I really do love your blog and was only trying to point out the possibility of alternative point of view not trying to take a cheap shot at you. One of the reasons I like your blog is it forces me to consider alternative points of view from my current bearish take on things.

Sorry if my words and inadvertent timing of the post offended you.

Anonymous said...


been following your blog for awhile. i remember you used to give intraday 'market update'. is there anyway you can do that during this turbulence times in the market if it is not too much trouble? thanks

Tim- said...

I bought corning a few years back for like $4 a share, thought the company would survive... people told me it was going to 0 got to like $2, held to my belief and long ever since. The difference in timing is a matter of how much leverage one uses.

Anonymous said...

too much bearishness out there ... a violent rally is coming. S&P at 1500 by year-end would screw everyone up. Then we can crash!

Anonymous said...

I think Carl's piercing rebuttals is a contrary indicator in itself. LOL! Clearly I sense some stress in his tone. LOL.Just goes to show even Carl isn't immune to the sentiment. LOL


Anonymous said...


I know that you like to post the comments from most of your readers but I am starting to think it detracts from the professionalism of your blog.

Chris F

Anonymous said...

Carl, I think the bullishness in you and especially the ludicrous 1500 target you keep mentioning says 1 of 2 things.

You are a novice at this contrary to what your profile says and Mr.Market has a lot to teach you.

Alternatively, you are a perma bull and will for ever be one.

Brian R