Thursday, August 27, 2009


My internet service provider will be doing repairs in my neighborhood today and/or tomorrow. Consequently I may be kicked offline unexpectedly and for an indefinite period of time. Hopefully no serious disruption of my trading will result from this.


Yobaby said...


Good luck, I had the same expirence last summer; I was down 2 days. Making it worse was the fact the childrens ongoing whine of no internet or tv.
How did we survive before the cable & the net?

catherine said...

That's why Asia is doing so well at education. Lots of places with no electricity so children read.

MC said...

couldn't agree more with you Catherine ! MC

FH said...

Exercise, Play Outside
That's why Asians are healthier. Give them a generation or two and they will h up.

A said...

Places with no electricity usually don't have any schools either.

Teich said...


You can always bring your laptop to a Starbucks. Also having an iPhone helps as you can trade using either the 3G or Wi-fi connection.