Thursday, August 06, 2009

Long one unit at 1000.00


PM said...

Hi Carl,

I need to make one correction to my post to you yesterday. I said we would need a close today below 996.30, I was wrong. We need a close today below 1012.00 to confirms a sell signal. Sorry for the error.


Kindest regards,


Unknown said...

There has been a huge short squeeze in financials. If they stay weak, have to sell this market.

Unknown said...

Dr Carl

I hesitate to tell you your business, but surely using some rudimentary indicator such as MACD would have kept you out of the market as it dropped this morning.

I believe you are quite correct in your overall bullishness, but currently (10:22 am) you are 6 points down in ES.

A simple indicator would provide a bit more entry precision.



mvw said...


In a post marked "Why I got out" you forecasted the high 980's as a low for today. It seemed like a good call. Anything technically significant that changed your mind?

Thank you.

Dave Narby said...

Carl, how did you do playing the short side on the big decline?

I admire your ability on the long side, just curious.

Yobaby said...


I suspect you're quite right on the upside of todays S&P move, yet he market volume has become 'thinner' due to to book squaring into tomorrows nonfarm #.
Would you add to the long if we fail to put in a new low?

extrader said...

I think next stop on ES is 987!