Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Range update

Here is a 60 minute bar chart of day session e-mini trading. This morning I thought that today's day session range would be 996-1012. With that in mind I bought one unit at 999.50 and am still holding it. The daytime range thus far is about 12 points, the same size as yesterday's. This makes me think that that if we haven't already seen the day's low the actual low won't be much different from 990.

So far the market has stopped at the higher of the two green dash support lines. It may yet drop to the lower one - I just can't guess at this stage. But I do note that midpoint support stands at 987 (dotted purple line) and that we have seen two previous reactions of about 14 points from day session highs (purple rectangles) which would indicate support near 990.

All in all I think we are seeing a normal reaction in an up trend. Next midpoint resistance on the way up is at 1015 which is the midpoint between the 1291 September 2008 rally top and the November 2008 low at 739. I expect to see the e-minis trade near 1120 by mid-October.

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unleaded said...

I don't know if i am helpful, but today's bar (in daily diagram)is a neutral bar which means it has higher high from yesterdays bar AND lower low.

This i interpret as a change in trend, but i cannot see the volume of today at CME group