Monday, August 17, 2009

Long one unit at 980.50


MK said...

Hi Carl,

I am long here to on the SP daily (spreadbet).

Think there must be a push up to the previous close at some point - but looking for 10 pts.

Good luck (not that you need it!)


Robin said...

upside intraday target?

Anonymous said...

I agree with Carl that the secondary, or intermediate, trend is up. But the short-term down trend, that started a couple of days back, is not over yet.

Let us where the market finds its short-term support before the next intermediate trend move in the upward direction.

Adsense said...

with all due resepct i have to say you are going way against the trend and to add to it i think you have left your george lindsay work
in the closet . good luck

q said...

I think markets are still macro bullish with S&P target well over 1000 but this current correction in risk appetite could carry the QQQQ down to 37.50 as risk aversion ripples across all the asset classes.

andi said...

futia is as usual late on the top. Market has topped. It is written as clearly as it can be.

dcatlowpj said...


Your ranges in the morning, pre-market or when we have opened, are remarkable right on.....I waited for that 78 area to enter....there was actually a perfect "H-Pattern" on the 5 minute chart that completed that LL after the short from the opening. I entered long above the prev support (a tick above at 78.75 and rode it for two waves up to the high at 83 or so. Your low point call helped me on this entry, as well as the poke lower (a failed poke) at 8:20am Pac Time....those failed attempts and the resulting H patterns are awesome and rarely fail me. Go back and look at 5 minute charts to verify.