Monday, August 24, 2009

holding overnight

I am going to hold my long unit overnight. Volatility has come down substantially over the past six months and 1016 breakout support is at my back.


janet said...

You must have a touch of the luck of the Irish. IMHO, market should be up nicely tomorrow due to Bernanke being nominated for second term by Obama. MHP, (my humble prediction) market up a couple hundred points. Of course, the market often does the opposite of what one might expect.

Pelican said...

it appears that Asia market isn't thinking so.

SpideR said...

Are you still having an area at Stockcharts ?
You used to post charts about diferent indicators.
For example.
NYAD (advance/decline).
I don't know if you keep that feature up to date.

filip said...

There´s a link futher down on the page to the right called "My Chart List". It´s updated 24th....

SpideR said...

Thank you fiki