Friday, June 11, 2010

Da Bears

Here is my latest post on "The Art of Contrarian Trading".


Naveedah said...

Loved the blog and respect you so much!

You mean alot to us!

Stay Safe!Sir

Narayana said...

Carl, there still hasn't been a demand shock on /ES since the market topped in April. Does this concern you if you're bullish?

Shraga said...

Hi Carl,

I am your blog reader for about 6 month, like what you write. I would appreciate if you answer me what signs show you that we haven't started a bear leg. Just yesterday Soros, the famous investor (if I am not wrong he never predicted something wrong) said the Action II drama has begun. Also the market breadth indicators look bad. So I'd like to learn from you what postive signs you see the the market would go to 1300? Also people who use Gann and Gann spirals as well as cycles see a bear leg. My e-mail address is

Thanks a lot,


Chad said...

Oh yea this is a bull market with a few caveats; yesterday we roared up (like I said) although on no volume just the closing tape mam.

like M3 tracking depression level money supply.

Real Unemploymnet at around 17% if not more. Social Security running out of money.

40% of the U.S. population using food stamps.

Chernobal in the gulf

States and Pensions Bankrupt.

oh I almost forgot the worlds Super Power has 13 trillion in debts

Now these are all reasons contrarians like me and Carl are Super Bulls as whats not to like about the future.

This is is just like 1980 when only two years later we had the start of the Super Bull Market.

I was around then and made a small fortune.

Were in a Super Bull market with that recent pst double bottom now its off to the races or not.

Win said...


Gold story on NYT front page, in case you haven't already seen it: