Tuesday, June 08, 2010


Today's estimated range is 1035-60. So far the market has gotten to within 2 points of the estimated high and I expect we shall see prints at or below the estimated low by the close today. I still think a low will develop in the 1000-1020 range within the next couple of days. After that I think the market will rally for the rest of the year.


extrader said...

I think the market will head down to 1028-1033 by the EOD!


Kishore said...

It is possible that we may have another stick rally today after 3:00 pm EST. After all, Bernmonkey has been yapping away and is scheduled to yap some more.

dcatlowpj said...

Kishore, you crack me up!

Carl is right: we are headed for a major Century level hit.

VS said...

I feel some reversals and expect some dead cat bounce to 1066-74 area before next leg down.


Kishore said...

It looks like that Bernmonkey's banksters are early today. Another stick rally is on!

S Mohiuddin said...

Carl, your comments are getting laughable and smack of arrogance.

"Now that we have seen MY estimated high, I expect to see prints at or below MY estimated low".

The market obeys no one confounds the most number of people most of the time.

I'm guessing you were not as sure of your prediction as you sounded, otherwise you would have put on a short position on at this 1054-1053 level.

pimaCanyon said...

Wow, Carl: "rally for the rest of the year", that is bold! I hope you're right!

(The EWers who are convinced that Prechter's Wave of Doom, P3, is well underway, will be a tad upset to see the market break to new highs. But for the sake of civilization as we know it, new market highs will be a very good thing.)

George said...

Bottomed right here. Everyone is looking at 1000. Everyone is bearish as all get out.

Atrader said...

A daily close below 1041 will give us the 1012-1004. As long as no daily close above 1083.50...say 1085.00 then we should see 1012-1004.

The 1107.50 is the top of the line with hi to lo numbers in between.

Best is take 865.25 to 1216.75 and it should become clear. I use the book of Daniel numbers which are different from fibs...but the key is the 50.

Right now we have a 1-2-3 bottom 1037-1107.50-1041.25. Since the 3 pt is so close to the 1 pt it means it should/could go lower and or sideways.

I see 1307.25 max by Aug-Sept, 2010
June 2011 is low area/time

TAE said...

S Mohiuddin,

Carl's comments smack of confidence. One can be confident and also know you will be wrong alot. Yet today, as his update comments suggest, he is more than half right. Nowhere do I read Carl believing the market obeys him. There was no short because in addition to knowing you can be wrong, most of the time you will be wrong while short. Wisdom. The short you mentioned could have went badly. Keep the capital and your use the confidence by avoiding shorts - its one of Carl's pearls of wisdom. Losing capital by playing both directions all the time will also sap your confidence. Without confidence, all the trading capital in the world won't matter.

Naveedah said...

I am seeing 1075-1080 for tomorrow.
It is not to post.Closing is changing opinion as wellas saw good buying over1060.
Thanks for your time!

PM said...

Hi Carl,

My model issued a buy signal today, it will need to be confirmed tomorrow with a close above 1049.50...


Kindest regards,


andi said...

don't wait till 1020..every technical guy is looking for it..what do you think market will do..it will leave'em behind..

Naveedah said...

Well Said TAE!
First guess estimates were 1035--1060
Opening ESuo was 1058...straight short down to 1037,1037--1056.
This worth millions blog is free so
traders take free tips and go without thanking like uncivilised and uncultured people....such people are shallow and sadest.
Say anything to me,never mind as I'm not going to read comments.I care about my most respected guru and teacher Dr.CarlFutia's blog.

Win said...

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tellzhang said...


Your model is wondeful. I saw you issue a sell signal right before the down term...do you have a blog for your model?



Stasi said...

The market falls and every looser than didn´t short comes here trying to annoy Dr Carl Futia, I follow your work since 2004 and I just want to say thank you for your investigation, from Portugal. D.