Monday, June 28, 2010

sold one unit at 1073.75


Jack said...


nice trade in a tuff market!

Kishore said...

Tough market alright!

We are in a tight range, relatively speaking, of approx 1060-1080.

There is a higher probability of breakdown to the downside, unless the manipulators throw in, yet another, monkey wrench. The bulls are currently very scared and are quite aware of a potential crash.

Naveedah said...

Mkt was scarry to me,I bot @1070.75 at you support,my friends followed you
and we sold @1078.mkt was weakness in the mkt couldn't take it above 1080.
I am convinced to see 1040-1035inES_F.
•the coming two weeks will be very quiet on the US corporate front as we gear upfor the start of Q2 earnings on Mon Jul 12 (AA comes after the close on that day). • There are a few more May-end releases to watch (MU Mon, GIS on Tues, MON on Wed, and STZ on Thurs), but investor focus is increasingly shifting to the Q2 reports.
As usual,I acknowledge great help and support from you.
Stay safe and Live long!

sandy allred said...

Based on today's reversal I am changing my expectation for the week to negative. This appears to be a continuation of the July 21 reversal and will end July 6 or 7 at 939.