Friday, November 14, 2008


I just bought my second e-mini unit at 898.25,  making me long two units at an average of 894.75.


Anonymous said...

Hi Carl,
thanks for your commentary on the market. It helps me make decisions on my trades. I wanted to ask you about GOOG. If you think QQQQ is now going up to $35 why would GOOG go down to $250 at the same time? It doesn't make sense since GOOG is big part of the Qs.

Anonymous said...

and you will stop them at 878. Best.

Anonymous said...

What is one unit of an E-mini, and what is it worth?

I trade SPY and or SH, usually starting out with 500 shares.

Thank you


Anonymous said...

Sell your Calls!

Advice from Germany