Monday, November 03, 2008

Back In

I think I made a mistake selling my long unit of e-minis a little while ago. So I just repurchased that unit at 968.50. 


xvidivx said...

NQ will be better than ES

Anonymous said...

on ESZ8 there's still an open gap up around 1000 that needs filling. However, there's a thinly traded range between 900 and 920 that could be attractive too (the level of the 10/24 opening gap, which did fill on the way up, but which is got just a push up through that level and no backing and filling since). With the election tomorrow, it's a tough call. Presidential futures mkt now pricing in a 90% probability of an Obama victory. So it's unclear whether that will offer any surprise (buying or selling pressure). A McCain surprise victory would, I suspect be greeted by a rally in stocks. (I'm an Obama supporter, so no spin in that comment, just the thought that lower cap gains would be viewed as bullish for mkt in a McCain administration, relative to an Obama admin). Pretty murky out there...but that gap up to 1K still looks like it's got "unfinished bidneth" written all over it.