Monday, November 10, 2008

Down to 875

The market didn't hold the 925 level and so I think it will drop to 875 before a rally above the 1000 level begins. 


Anonymous said...

just a note of your george lindsay posts over the past few years
2005: 17 posts
2006: 28 posts
2007: 16 posts
2008: 2 posts
ive mentioned before that i thought you had left your disapline
out the door a bit and left lindsay behind so to speak . you have mentioned that this isnt so
yet it does not show up as true based on your posts .
nothing more then a comment is all
we all have moments where something is a miss maybe this is why you have not posted anything related to lindsay since april 2008

Anonymous said...

i think he has abandoned the george lindsay notion as it clearly did not pan out as planned!