Friday, November 14, 2008


I just sold my two long units at 885.00 on the rally from the day's low.  The high volume break from the first hour high at 907 which broke below the bottom of the 880-85 support zone makes me think that we have yet to see the day's low. 

In any case, I think Thursday's high at 913.75 will be taken out next week.


2cents said...


If you think the market is going up, looks like now is a good entry point.


Anonymous said...

Relying upon these end of day rallies to "save us" is getting tiring.. but maybe that is the point and this market will continue to behave this way until we all stop paying attention at which time it will go up and stay up! Altho that might be at a much lower price level! I always keep in mind that the market tries to take the least number of people along for the ride higher.

Anonymous said...

This sort of volatility has me day trading more often than I care to do. Rather than trade futures I've gone to serial futures options with allot less pain. Given your trading methods have you ever considered them?

Anonymous said...

I just looked through your box theory, staircases, index of odds and ends, and other indexs you have grouped together.. Nearly all of these were done during years 2005 or 2006. Are you less motivated now to write interesting pieces on the markets?