Thursday, November 13, 2008

Shakeout Complete

The S&P e-minis dropped to 816.75, a new bear market low just about 1 pm Eastern time today. 
The subsequent rally has retraced all of the days losses and has done so on high volume. I think this means that the market is now on its way up to 1050. 


Anonymous said...

I would like to personally thank you today.
I read your earlier entry where you expected the market to drop. I was short and also expect a drop. I cam back from collecting my daughter from school and saw 825 when I opened your computer. I covered everything and went modestly long - simply because I had your level in mind. And how right you were if you will permit me to use that word. Thank you again.

Unknown said...

I also would like to thank you. I was short with qid's & sold at 826 & went long the qld's....I am now going to take my princess out for dinner tonight!!!!

Thank you, icanputt

Milo Minderbinder said...

I'll use another word. Nice win, and very well played.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Catherine!!

Carl, I too admire "your" work.
Nice call on the 810 level you've mentioned for weeks. Tweaking support to 805 within the hour shows your integrity & character!
I'll lean into the wind anyday with you!


Anonymous said...


I must say GREAT CALL today on picking the bottom!



Anonymous said...


It's nice to see that you have your 'mojo' back!

You read this market like an open book.

Rick B.

pimaCanyon said...

Great call today, Carl!

On another subject, I'm wondering what you think about the proliferation of bailouts of US companies by the Fed and the Treasury. First, it was the banks and investments banks and AIG. Now we're talking about the auto companies. Where does it end?

I remember some months ago you posted a well thought out essay in favor of the "wall street bailout program" as it came to be called at the time, the program that would have the government buy bad debt from banks and other companies to help un-freeze the credit markets. That morphed into the government actually buying equity in the nations largest banks, in AIG, and who knows what else, I've lost track.

Sometime I would love to hear your thinking about this, about how far it's gone, where it might go next (auto companies, etc.), and what you think the impact of all this government intervention will eventually have on the economy and on the US taxpayer. Thank you!


PS I've followed your blog for almost two years now and have seen you quite often successfully pick off tops and bottoms. With your very accurate call today, I'm wondering why you didn't go long near today's bottom on the s&p.