Thursday, November 20, 2008


I just sold my longs at 794.50.  I still think this market will head up later today.


Anonymous said...

If todays lows hold we may be setting up a falling wedge pattern on the SPX which is bullish... And in weeks to come we can be setting up the right side of a head n shoulder pattern... Right now we need to hold the lows and rally up to 975 and see what develops from there...

I also like the Q's here at 26-26.50 with an upside target of 33-34, assuming we hold the lows


Anonymous said...

Just look at the ES dance around 775. It's almost a wry smile.

Anonymous said...

How do you arrive at the final 400sp low by 2011?
I guess sometime before then we will see Carl's long awaited four figure sp rally.

Anonymous said...


It looks like Catherine has a crowd with her at SPX 600... Its looking more and more that the END of the world and the GREATEST DEPRESSION of all time is upon us... And, I am quite happy for this, since we brought alot of this on our own... Iraq is making billions a month and we are struggling to put 2 and 2 together!

Anonymous said...

Carl has PHD on being a bull all the way down. Please keep posting few more magazine covers and keep lowering your rally targets. thanks

silverlining said...

Just wanted to say there are a lot of us out here who very much appreciate your blog. I don't understand why so many comments are nasty (not just here), but I think it has something to do with people being very afraid which leads them to lash out. Fight or flight reflex and there is nowhere to run.

Also, Catherine, thanks for all your comments. They are also usually helpful.

Anyhow, thanks again from the silent majority.