Thursday, June 25, 2009


Well, I am still living in computer hell, but there are now signs of hope.

I had, as a matter of habit, always backed up my data files. This morning I bought a new computer and had to shift from XP to Vista (yikes!!). My computer resources are now almost back to normal. But I still have no internet connection (I am writing this at an internet cafe), and won't have one until Friday afternoon (hoppefully).

So I expect to be operating normally by Monday morning.

I want to comment on the e-minis before I go.

I think today's rally was a decisive rejection of prices below the 900 level. It means that the e-minis have made their reaction low at 884 and are now headed up into the 965-980 range.

I also want to thank those of you who already have purchased my book. Sales are off to a good start, especially since the book has only been publicized on this blog. After you get your copy and read it, post a review on Amazon! And tell all of your friends about the book. Word of mouth is the best way of creating the buzz we need to move "The Art of Contrarian Trading" to the top of Amazon's best seller lists.


ashraya said...

Lets see if the reaction low has been made at 884. I still think we are going down to 870.

thing.one62 said...

Thank you for taking the time to search out an internet cafe to share you thoughts from today!

E said...

I would prefer to see the battle between the 50 and 200 day resolved before drawing any conclusions about new highs, especially since this is presumably end of Q2 markup.

Good luck with your computer, as well as with your book sales.

Tony said...

Good luck Carl. Hope to see your posts again on Monday. They are always so informative.

Jim said...


Best wishes on the PC switch and on the book.

Market Karma said...

Hiya,, I have posted an interesting chart of the SP500 to 10y Bond yield ratio at that you may find interesting. -MK

kcounty said...

was the 22M share trade at 4:00 on SPY interesting at all yesterday??