Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Support this blog - buy my book!!

My new book, "The Art of Contrarian Trading", has just been published by John Wiley and Sons.

In it I explain what it takes to get a trader's edge in the market. And I take you through the last 20 years of market ups and downs, explaining in detail how I used my media diary to track information cascades and identify contrarian trading opportunities.

My book is NOT about short term trading - the kind I do on this blog. But it does describe an approach to markets that even short term traders need to use to set up their trading context.

As it happens, I am in the planning stage for a second book, tentatively titled "Tape Reading - Theory and Practice". But I need my current book to sell well so that I can find a publisher interested in my tape reading book.

So, buy my book from your favorite bookseller - and tell all of your friends to do the same! Let's see how high we can drive it on Amazon's best seller list!

Current Amazon.com Sales Rank: #13,299 in Books


Pappy said...

I just ordered your book and can hardly wait. Thanks so much for all of the effort you put in to help us all be more successful. I wll let you know what I think after reading.

David Hard

David said...

Carl, congrats on your new book! I will certainly order it. I have been following your blog and I must say you are on top of the market majority of time. I hope to learn short term trading from you. If your second book covers your analysis on short term trading as found on this blog it will be great!


JOHN said...

Carl, I just order it from Amazon. Looking forward to it and the least I could do to support all your good work.


Josh Simpson said...

Hi Carl - Thanks for all your efforts on this blog - I read it everyday and appreciate it. I just bought you book - your Amazon sales rank is now up to #10,512! Good luck with it!

Jim said...

I apreciate your work and candor.
Keep me in mind for the 2nd book should the 1st book stumble (which I doubt).
I helped a friend years ago(Spinoffs by Joe Cornell)at John Wiley, if a thousand copies are required per printing; let me know.