Friday, June 19, 2009

Sold long position at 917.00

Sorry, this is a little late, but was reported on Tweeter (see right side of this blog) in a timely fashion. I have been distracted by a copyright thief and forgot to post this sale promptly.


pimaCanyon said...

I am trying to understand how the fraudster can make money by advertising your new book. If I place an order on the fraudulent website, will he just take the money and run, and not send me a copy of your book?

I believe the site I looked at yesterday took me to Amazon when I clicked on your book. If you get a commission from Amazon for the sale of the book thru your website, then would the fraudster be able to do the same?

Seems like a lot of trouble for the fraudster to go to, as well as high risk of getting caught!

Carl Futia said...

I think it was done mainly to annoy me. But it is true that some people who search using the title of my book would be directed to his fraudulent site. In this digital world it is of highest importance to protect one's identity and one's work product.

Tushar said...

My comment couple days ago was that you might not be able to make posts in a timely manner because of getting on twitter. It seems that is the case this time.