Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Support this site! Buy my book!

Late yesterday my new book, "The Art of Contrarian Trading" made it as high as #1,841 on the Amazon best seller list and as high as #29 among Amazon's best sellers among investment books.

Thanks guys and gals! This was a great performance for the first day of publication!

But there is a lot more work to do.

I know only a small fraction of you have ordered my book yet. If you haven't gotten around to it yet, do it today. Here is a link that will take you to your favorite book seller. Use it!!

Let's see if we can push "The Art of Contrarian Trading " into the top 1000 among all books and into the top 10 among investment books.

Here are some suggestions that will help us shine a spotlight on the book:

  1. Buy it !!
  2. Tell all your friends about the book and urge them to buy it!
  3. If you know any journalists who write about investments tell them about the book. Journalists are the stars of my book and I think they will be interested is seeing how their work fits into the story of the markets.
  4. Tell any bloggers you respect about the book - perhaps in their comments sections
  5. After you read the book, post a review on Amazon!
You folks have made my blog the success that it is today. Let's move our game to yet a higher level!


MK said...

Carl, great blog and insight, gonna order the book ASAP.

cipmht said...

Just ordered, I'll have to wait until i can post my review on Amazon ;-)

Jim said...

From a marketing perspective you should mention or link this site to the "national magazines top 25 financial on line rankings".

That should help boost traffic and sales.

John said...

Ok, ok...I bought the book -- a very cheap price for all the good trades.

traveling_tiny said...

I'm just wondering, do you know why the kindle addition costs 48 usd and the hardcover is 37.80?

As someone who lives outside the usa, the kindle editions are much more convenient, but they are usually cheaper.

Carl Futia said...


I have been scratching my head about that too.