Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Long one unit at 904.50


Kishore said...

Carl, it surely takes a lot of guts to go long at this time.

After a long rally of over two months, the market is quite likely to bounce off the 40 day moving average that we are very close to right now.

TradingNuggets said...

Long? Maybe u see something that I don't. But good luck!


John M said...

It's a matter of time frame. There could be at least a bounce here or very near here, and Carl is taking advantage of that more than 50% possibility. If it becomes something more, he will be in position to realize good returns. If he doesn't see the signals he is looking for, he exits with little or no damage, and probably some profit.

I like this call, myself.

TradingNuggets said...

Obviously Carl had great timing because he is getting the bounce now. Very Nice!

Nice call!