Monday, December 14, 2009

'Tis the season!

I started this blog in April of 2005, more than four and a half years ago. The markets have provided us with lots of excitement over these nearly five years!

My goal has been to give my readers a glimpse into the world of a trader with no BS, faked track records, or predictions of the past. I have tried to show you how to interpret market action simply with time-proven tools. I have been posting trades in real time in the E-mini S&P futures since October of 2007, the top of the 2002-07 bull market. The results have been very good as you can see from the track record information on the right hand side of this blog.

All of this has been delivered to you free of charge, with no ads to cluttering the blog. Nothing like this is available anywhere else on the web. To access any one else's trades generally costs hundreds or even thousands dollars per year. Their results are not as good as mine which you get free of charge !

Everyone likes to feel appreciated and I am no exception. I would like to ask each of you to show your appreciation for my work by making a donation to this blog to support my efforts(not tax free! sorry !!). You can do so via PayPal by clicking on the PayPal donation link on the right hand side of my blog. If you feel more comfortable sending me a check you can get my mailing address by e-mailing me at and asking for it.

Give what you can and what you think my work has been worth to you. Donate to help keep this blog up and running!!

Thank you for all of your support!


Teich said...

I will do it. Thanks so much, Carl.

P said...

I must admit here that I made hefty gains from your trades in September/October but then since got over-confident and lost more than 70% of it in the month of November alone -- mostly due to my falacies.

Nonetheless, you have been a great teacher and helped me make some money. Here's hoping you keep going with the blog -- and I've put in my part, though really small. But I hope to contribute every month -- assuming I am still following you and trading ES.

Thanks again!

Kishore said...

Carl, you are doing a great job and I really appreiciate it. But unfortunately, it has been an extended season of heavy losses for me, and many others I am sure. Nevertheless, your blog is definitely worthy of support and I will do my part, i.e. as soon as there a change of of the season. For the time being, please accept the best of my regards and best wishes for a very merry Christmas!

extrader said...


I will put in my donation, even though I dont take ur trades because most of them in the last month or two have been really bad!

But I enjoy ur blog and have learned a few things here and there... Keep up the good work!

Happy Holidays

TradingNuggets said...

Excellent Blog. I will be glad to contribute.


Kishore said...

Carl, we may be breaking the trend line from March as we are already pretty close to it and there are divergences all over the place. If we do break the trend line, the next major support is at the 200 day MA. So, if this plays out, I will defintely send you a Christmas gift, hopefully before the Christmas season is over.

Kishore said...

The trend line from March, ondaily charts, has already been broken for EEM, FAS and IWM. For IWM, even the retest of the trend line has been done. Will QQQQ and SPY follow suit??

me said...

Thanks Carl for your free blog; I enjoy reading it. Happy holidays to you. Best wishes.

dcatlowpj said...

People could also be reminded that your book is available. That is a great way to donate and also to pass the word along.

Contrarian Trading is VERY compelling.

I have quit trading the ES recently due to moving into an RV with a poor Broadband set-up so my trades were SLIPPING all the time by one to two ticks...terrible entries and exits at time...always beating me up.

So, I have resumed spending more time on selling Vertical Spreads and collecting premium.

Carl, I have continued to appreciate your work and diligence.

Wing said...

Carl's request to donate is reasonable imho.

Thanks for your efforts to educate others.


F&H Painting said...

ok, fair enough

angel* said...

Dear Carl,

Besides donating, let me also put in a word of thanks and appreciation for all you have done for us here.

Thank you for your selfless sharing of your time & knowledge to all of us. You have been more than generous. Your discipline and diligence in updating the blog, despite it being a free blog, is truly commendable. You are truly exceptional.

It is indeed an honour to be able to donate to this worthy cause of yours.

In this Christmas season of sharing and giving, let me also wish you and your family the best of health, love, joy and peace.

God bless!


kcounty said...

i donated bc i have not bought your book! as long as you can spoon feed us each day, i dont have to learn how or why! LOL!

All good..all good said...

Hi Carl,
This looks like a great post to keep on your blog going forward.
Fidelity wants at least 1 to 2 percent a year to manage my money. Here it is free so why not ask your fans? You are not even asking for an amount because you are very generous....tis the season!!!

John said...

Bought your book -- worthwhile read. I'm looking forward to next on discussing short term trading.

BigBoys said...

Does anybody know some more good blogs like Carl's blog. It is hard to find good ones.

Thanks Carl for great job. I wish I knew you earlier. I will definitely buy your book.

mfm9800 said...

Bought your book. Your are the antithesis of Goldman Sachs in my eyes. You've restored my faith in man. May sound over the top, but in these times tell me how many Carl's are out there? Dunno, but I'm sure as hell glad I found your blog.

BrendoD said...

Hey Carl,

I dont trade for real at a broke Canadian student..But I really enjoy reading your blog and find the work you put into it great! So in exchange for a donation, I requested your book for christmas..Best I can do! thanks man

Idris said...

Carl you will be reawarded appropriately . thank you


straightshooter1000 said...

I have recently come across this website and find it very helpful. Going forward if it can help make me money, I would donate to it.

2win said...

Your accuracy is usually spot on, unless caught on the wrong side of the trend. Your familiarity with the nuances of the market is impressive. That being the case, I have a question. Wouldn't it be smart to use a 2x leveraged stock, such as SSO, instead of SPY?

Narayana said...

Carl I don't mean disrespect with this comment, but if you are so successful with your trades, why are you asking for donations?

Carl Futia said...


Of COURSE you intended disrespect! As you have in virtually every comment you have posted here.

TAE said...

Narayana: Maybe Carl asked because his trading is so successful. More capital is more capital.

Win said...

I will contribute a little, but I hope to keep contributing regularly. I've learned much from you.

I doubt that Carl is looking for capital to trade. Perhaps capital to donate.

Adam said...

I will be sending in my check. Carl earns every bit of our appreciation and I only hope that he senses how much respect we all have for him.


Kishore said...

Carl has simplified something as complex as the stock market movements.

Carl's approach has allowed me to look at the market movements as movements within ranges, or layers separted by support and resistance lines.

This has not only led me to be not confused by indicators but this simplified approch has also given me a lot of spare time.

Moreover, Carl is a great teacher!

egnard said...

I started reading this blog a few months ago. It's always interesting. It may be more interesting to me that people might be making a living at these short term trades. I work a in natural resource management. And lot of what I read here on is still over my head. I'm not a trader, but hoping to avoid any major dips in the market affecting my 401K (e.g., the 20% dip a lot of people are predicting). If that works out because of something I've read here, I'll contibute. I intend to take Carl's advice about not becoming a speculator. I bought Carl's book and will try to get to it just to understand what I read here a little more. But it seems most of this on the blog is short term advice, mainly for education and entertainment, personally. But we'll see. As I said, always interesting.

turtle said...

A Token of Appreciation & Thanks
I just bought your book and I like it very much.