Thursday, December 03, 2009

sold long unit at 1111.00


extrader said...


I was curious why u dont trade 2 contracts? You are right most of the times and then let a profit get away or make minimal gain... I was curious why u dont trade 2 contracts, sell half and then trail the other... Im sure you have ur reasons why, but i was curious?

cipmht said...

One unit is not one contract - it is a measure of commitment. One is a minimum position - might be $10,000 for someone, $1 million for someone else. Two units is twice one, and his maximum long.

jeff said...

For all of the bullishness and bearishness opinions, i find it very interesting that since the September 2009 highs, the S&P is up measly 2.7%. And in this time, the S&P has crossed over

And in the past month, the S&P has crossed above and below 1100 mark 8 times.

I don't know what the definition of a topping process, but gun to my head, this could be a good example.

powertrader79 said...

if 1113 in cash will not be broken and s&p is on it's way down, it looks like a rounding top formation... one of the most famous EW analyst in germany is predicting a longterm target of 5150 in Dow Jones Industrial @Carl: good work, keep up going...greetings from good old germany