Thursday, December 31, 2009

So What?

Here is my latest post on "The Art of Contrarian Trading".

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TradingNuggets said...

(IMHO) yep, i can see us getting back to the 61.8 retracement at 1226 or 1379 (78.6 retrace)

The majority of the retail trader-investor did Not participate in the 09 rally.

The 09 rally was/is a total manipulated rally thanks to Tim and Ben. Can't lose when you lend at 0% interest!

But what happens when the "Carry Trade" is over?

I see 2010 as a pretty boring yr for the market. No major rallies and no major sell-offs either

But you make $$$ with boring markets.

Just my op.

Happy and Succesful trading in 2010