Thursday, December 10, 2009

Long one unit at 1098.50 (March)


Kishore said...

ES is stuck in the range of 1098.50 and 1100. Because it is building a consolidation base, a breakout above 1100 should carry it up to Carl's target of 1108 for today.

If it breaks down, we should see 1085 again.

My guess is that ES is going to break down because it appears to be back-testing a broken trendline on an hourly chart.

extrader said...


I have been tracking ur NYX prediction and it seems like the NYX traders have been reading my comments posted on ur blog, because it has rallied since i have been posting!

extrader said...


I think ur on the wrong side of the trend... the trend is up unless we break 1098... And yes 1108 is Strong Resistance!