Friday, April 30, 2010

sold both units at 1197.50


valeriobrl said...

Obrigado 4 the sugestion Carl, @1186 there's a monthly resistance...
I'll short Gold until 1085 area between today,Monday and Tuesday

Naveedah said...

1178-80 to 1207 journey was good ,today 1103.5 going long was reasonable to me,though I sold @1200.
I'll stay out of trade but strongly feel its way to 1270+ Es_f

Saw heavy short @1208,1207 but good buying @1203.5 1204.5 too.It will touch 1204

MK said...

Hi Carl,

Sorry to see you had to close a winning trade at evens - wonder if this was a very fast gap close from yesterday.

Bounce has been very strong in the face of some bad news/data.

Your book is finally on my wishlist to be ordered.

Cheers - MK

Chad said...

You can make money shorting this market but you have to be pretty quick on the draw with very tight stops.

I trade the options emini and only risk 20% of each of my trading accounts. And sell if 20% of my trading idea does not work out.

This goes for longs or shorts. I hit singles that sometimes turn to doubles and triples. To much of coward to go for homers..

Win said...


I'd rather be a Cal Ripken, hitting singles until I'm 65, than a flame out at 35!

TMG2010 said...

Just a bit confused on why you would exit a position at a support level when u have already stated the upswing to 1270 is underway...? Looks like this morning would have been a point at which u would add to your long positions, not sell them...? Thanks for your response in advance!

boris said...

The market is on schedule to bottom at 12:30 ET +-5 minutes.
Depending how strong that is it could make another bottom or top about 15:05 ET

Good luck in trading for all

Jack said...

SP support


Nice entry though on your Longs.