Friday, August 20, 2010

Long one unit at 1064.25


Shibz said...


Y Carl...y??? 1055 first no??

tempo said...

Good call expecting strength into the Aug option close.

catherine said...

Naveedah - it's too much.

khalid said...

It most definitely is too much , Naveedah.

by the way, my CAPTCHA to comment: "keralit"
maybe some would find that ironic, or at least amusing.

Boo said...

Naveedah i can't take the sycophantic litany any more.. please just post your market thoughts.. it detracts from Carl's commentary, which is very useeful in and of itself.

Rajeev said...

Car, over the one month time frame its a head and shoulder with a downside target of well below 1055. Over a longer time frame, its even a bigger hns with downside targets much lower the levels you are talking about. Markets will touch around 1003 at least, if not lower.

Joge said...

If you read this blog please go to stock charts and vote for Carl

Unknown said...

Much appreciate the guidance through out and such trades even if they are more of scalps relative to your other trades. Learnt a lot (and yes lost too) in the past 4 months, hoping to not repeat mistakes and keep learning.

Thank you again. And yes yours is still the first blog and THE market call I give the most credence. In so much that my wife now teases that I worship someone called "Carl Futia".


Nav said...

OK! Fine folk!
No trader here w/me was ready to trade this,I did!We trade together to be safe so question was on skype,I answered here,telling them to see the comments here,a def mistake!Sorry for that!
Boo... sycophantic litany??This might be your one of choices in life,never mine.
You are so many,hoping to see market insight and commentry too,from you guys.

Nav said...

Wish,could show you my trades..all positive and based on Dr.Carl's book and some trades were based on "few words" from blogs.Every word in blogs holds great meaning and if you find,there your success starts.
My children god father was angry,yesterday as i posted here of my daughter's admission confirmation in top London's university in medicine.deleted lately.
We are very much same here,WISH you and your "sweet lady" all the happiness in life!
My journey was 1064--1071.

TraderPA said...

Be yourself. No advice is more important than that. I look forward to your comments and certainly acknowledge your right to voice them. Please don't stop.