Friday, August 27, 2010

Out of my office today

I am leaving my office now and won't be back until after the markets close today.

See you Monday!


monkeypicks said...

1040 is gonna crack bigtime. What is the next level we should look for a bottom?

Anonymous said...

have a good one

Joge said...

if you read this blog please go to and vote for carl futia

Yobaby said...


I hope your well and please enjoy the weekend.
THANK YOU for being a wonderful instructor and tutor- you enlighten and inspire many a mind- you area brother to humanity!

Rajeev said...

Dear Carl,
More than anything else, I feel that that the market is taking adversely to your analysis. The market seems to go contrarian to your views. You are a brand. Many people follow you. Hence the market is going contrarian to your views. Difficult for the markets to cross 1140. My take: A double dip.


tempo said...

A near perfect call again. Uncle Benny to the rescue. Expect rally into Nov elections as new QE programs are announced. No politician can afford deflation. Corp earnings will surprise on the upside with 1% GDP growth since no one is hiring.

cc02 said...

Has been a profitable week,thanks to your morning posts.
Have a great weekend!

Edwin said...

The inverted H&S is looking more and more credible as 1040 has been well tested and is now solid support.

Hindenburg Omen will have to wait a bit longer. Quoting Richard Donchain..."Beware of acting immediately on a widespread public opinion. Even if correct, it will usually delay the move.".

Well..What is the waiting time for the bears?

Larry said...

Joge, would you please let me know where on I should go to vote for Carl. I just looked (did a search) but did not see a place to cast my vote.

Great job Carl. Although you were not "in the office" today, your analysis was once again on target.

Thanks and enjoy your weekend.

Unknown said...

Hi, Carl

I was not aware of your blogs but googled your name out of curiosity after I read the book where Daniel Ferrera mentioned he used one of your cycle/numeric method. I will surely follow your blog from now on.