Monday, August 09, 2010


Here is my latest post on "The Art of Contrarian Trading".


Nav said...

I go through your blogs again and again then there I start implementing these strategies in my daily trades.
They are amazing..Such Tremendous Help !
Stay Safe..We need YOU alot!

Nav said...

GOOG - Google (GOOG) has paid $228 million to buy Slide, a provider of games and other software for social networking sites, the San Jose Mercury News reports. The company has confirmed that it bought Slide, although terms of the deal were not officially announced – Barron’s
Blockbuster: This week, Blockbuster is likely to get a one month reprieve from creditors so that the company and get ready for a potential bankruptcy filing in September. [Bloomberg] Note: This was out on Friday
We are heading into a very slow period over these next few weeks w/thin attendance and volumes. Int’l markets are keying off the late-day rally in the US on Friday. There continues to be a ton of press about incremental actions that may be taken by the FOMC, although it still seems unlikely that action will come at tomorrow’s meeting (all this talk could be setting the market up for a disappointment come tomorrow’ FOMC release @ 2:15pmET). Commodities are strong around the world, w/investors citing capacity cuts in China (see below) and the weaker dollar as catalysts for the move.
Fed meeting coming up on Tues -
Indications are that there won't be any incremental policy announcements announced at this meeting.