Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Long one unit at1089.50


spycharter said...

Yesterday's end of day selloff on ES was very bearish. It provided us with a lower high compared to the high on 8/10 at 1125. From 1125 to 1098 you can draw a downtrend line. ES failed to break through this trendline on multiple attempts yesterday. If ES can't break this trendline today (and I'm betting it doesn't) then ES is headed to 1050 as you have suggested.

Nav said...

It's comin'on closing time.
Listening song"ALL The Way Home"

Believe in Carl and make trades easy like me& my friends.
What a day!
Thank you ,Carl!

extrader said...

Great Call on ur trade Carl!


Nav said...

out @1097.

Larry said...

Spycharter, it looks like you just lost that best in that the SPX just traded through the trendline you mentioned.

Now let's see if Carl's 1104 target is hit before the close the of cash market.

Today's guestimate called for a low at 1084. The market actually traded as low as 1083.75. From my standpoint that's a direct hit.

Great call Carl.


Nav said...
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Nav said...

We Are Out 1097.75

Hail said...

Naveedah, you are one heck of a fan. You can't resist signing off without a grandiose prayer to Carl.
I think Carl's performance had suffered somewhat since you started extolling him no end.
I'm glad to see Carl back in his winning ways today.

spycharter said...

Yeah we did break through that trendline but I'm not convinced that the downtrend is over. ES 1102 is the 61.8% retracement from the 1125 high to the 1066 low, furthermore it is gap resistance. If ES blows through 1102 then I'll concede the downtrend is over. At any rate, nice trade Carl.

extrader said...

looks like they want to tag 1100 today!


Michael said...

The 1089.5 long was spot on right before the move up. I got suspicious at 14:01 at 1099. The reactions afterwards were telling me that a selloff is coming. Hard battle between 14:05 and 15:05 but then it just went down. As I write this, it just plunged 5 points to 1088. So were are were were in the morning...

Nav said...

Today's g.est were 1084--1104.
1084--1086 strong consolidation was
observed then 1098 ppl started selling and 1097.75 to downward selling was accompanied by shorts.Now 1082 is the next major level on down side.
Sentiment had become so negative that upside surprises are possible. The next two nights will be very busy for tech (AMAT, BRCD, NTAP tonight and CRM, DELL, HPQ, INTU, MRVL Thurs night).
Respect you Sir!