Wednesday, July 22, 2009

long one unit at 955.25


unleaded said...

When you say you are bull you mean it. You ARE BULL!!!

keftrader said...

Short ES 955

keftrader said...


I like ur style of trading with all these mid-pts and boxes... Was wondering if u can do any tutoring on how u come up with these figures and what to look at... Im pretty new here.


keftrader said...

Im predicting that at 2pm this market will start to head lower from here... I think we will break 957 on SPX at 2pm and by 4pm we should be all the way down to 947!

Kishore said...

keftrader, I hope you are right with your prediction, not just today but everyday.

Assuming that you keep posting and we all keep taking the trades based on your predictions, we will all make some money!

But right now, I am sick of this market, as it has become very dependent on the FED and FED alone, and, therefore, I don't want to go long or short.

unleaded said...

This is called tape reading keftrader,and with risk management, is a pure old fashioned method, few use anymore.
You know, everybody buy oscillators,software,seminars,all these garbage. This guy is damn good.