Friday, July 27, 2007

Comments Policy

I have been blogging for more than two years but have not yet said anything about how comments on my posts are treated.

The first thing to keep in mind when commenting is that all comments are moderated. This means that I see them before they appear and choose whether or not to publish them.

I will not publish any comment that consists of ad hominem vituperation directed either at me or at another commenter. I believe that good manners are a mark of intelligence. On the other hand I welcome reasoned criticism and don't mind people disagreeing with me.

I generally make no specific response to comments since I spend most of my time trading the markets and doing mathematics. However, I do note requests made by those who comment and sometimes these comments do influence what I choose to post.

I never respond to requests for an updated analysis of an individual stock or commodity or to a previous post. This blog is free to anyone who wants to read it and I feel no obligation to post more than I do on the subjects which interest me.

Note to Traders: If you want to post a trade or specific prediction in my comments section you must sign your comment by including your name, initials, or some other identifier. If you don't do this I will not publish your comment.


Anonymous said...

Hi Carl. I just want to reiterate that I appreciate your work, and while I do not always agree with some of your conclusions, I do like your insight and methological discipline.

Keep it up.

Anonymous said...

Carl, I take it from you comment that you have received some harsh words. That would probably just be a reflection of volatility and money being lost. Anyway, I was
posting just to observe that DOW has touched base of recent post 13,000 three peaks and looks as if this could be point 22 just reached. Shall have to wait and see.

Regards and keep on blogging.


Anonymous said...

I completely agree with you Carl. As a novice to wave patterns, I really enjoy reading your blog on a regular basis. I have read a couple other wave analysts calling for a major bull move in Gold though, and was wondering where your interpretations of the longer term patterns differ. When time permits, could you update your gold/silver breakdown, and perhaps expound on why you now feel a retest of high level resistance is in order prior to a deeper correction? Many thanks!

Anonymous said...

You are amazing and I really appreciate your comments.

Anonymous said...

I guess volatility has made the natives rather restless :)

and possibly rude

On the positive side their are lots of people who respect your work

traderdan said...

I concur. Your blog is one of the few that I read daily.

Anonymous said...


Reference your comments policy, thanks for what you do.

You're good at it too.

As far as you moderating, thanks for that as well. I really don't want to read some pinheads rants as to why you are not correct 110% of the time.

Let them start their own blog.


Anonymous said...

Those are some big words. I need to break out my dictionary. LOL. I appreciate your free blog Carl and enjoy your commentary when I have time to stop by. I hardly agree with everything you say but at least I know your posts are reasoned and intelligent as opposed to yammering. What is the world without disagreement?

Hope you are feeling better after the bout in the hospital. Cheers,

Anonymous said...

Well Put ... Well Said! Your work is very Helpful.

Anonymous said...

Add me to the list of folks saying thanks.

Anyone who blindly follows anyone's recommendations without either doing their own work, or taking responsibility for their OWN actions (Carl doesn't put a gun to anyone's head to trade based on his work, nor does he promise 100% accuracy) is an idiot.

I enjoy the work and I find it helpful. And it's free. People who complain bitterly or nastily are just WRONG.

Anonymous said...

I really appreciate this blog. You were prescient about "one more down" last week due to poor A/D line. Thanks for sharing your work. -Martha

Unknown said...

You mean to tell me that you were wrong in these volatile markets. C'mon people, everyone gets to be wrong. From what I see Dr.Futia is right much more than he is wrong. Besides, trading is not about being right or wrong, it's about executing ideas in the right way. This blog is one of the few I take seriously because, even though Dr.Futia is not always right, he is right enough to be taken seriously. And if any of you didnt know it, he is on the #1 on the blogger list correct rate.

Anonymous said...

I read your blog daily and I enjoy your insight. I admire someone who believes in themselves (right or wrong) and has the guts to publish these convictions. I live in Cheshire, CT and our town went through an terrible triple homicide. Please take a moment to offer your prayers to Dr. Petit the surviving father of two daughters and his beloved wife.
John Barry

Anonymous said...

I am a Carl Futia admirer also.

Father was a physicist who constantly questioned theories, and I respect your work.
Keep well,

Anonymous said...

I started my own trading blog, posting charts of ALL my trade entries and exits. However, it was alot of work to post all the .jpgs, and it became to painful to post all my losers. I think I lasted a month before I threw in the towel.

Carl Futia is one of the guttiest bloggers out there, and I love his simple, easy to understand format, and timely posts. Very few "professional" services could match it.

Anonymous said...

I stumbled upon this blog not long ago and have found it to be very valuable. Carl has a methodology that is worth paying attention to. Trying to forecast stock movements is like forecasting the weather - both art and science.

As to any nasty comments Carl has gotten, I'd agree with other posters that they can probably be chalked up to folks who have taken on the chin this past week. Desperate people tend to lash out. I know, I've been there. But instead of lashing out, folks who find themselves underwater need to clearly see things as they are, not as they wish them to be. That's really hard to do when you've had things do a complete 180 on you in the course of a few days.

But we all make our own decisions, and balming someone else for your bad trading decisions only make sense if you are willing to send that same someone else a check for his cut of your winnings when you make the right ones.

Keep up the good work, Carl.


Carl ,

We all appreciate your daily forecast and look forward to using your guides through the coming years . The forecasting business is not a fair one as it has gotten a hour by hour business instead of weekly or quarterly. We have done a thorough scan of the market and we see a long bull that has tired but still may have another run left in it...You have had the courage to put it out there daily like me and we will hopefully help the members and daily readers understand the inherent RISK in the markets and it's rewards. You are a pleasant reminder there is still some humble well mannerred folks on the investment advisory highway ...thanks for your dedicated service from all of our members.

Sincerely ,

Nidhi said...

you are doing a great work Carl! Thankful to you for that.


Anonymous said...

I love this blog.

I also love that the market is going higher up to the end of the year and through '08 due to globalization and strong global demand.. I see nothing in the News to make me believe that this is not another typical shakeout of weak hands lead by debt financing fears and to get certain shares cheaper. tech will take this higher as money from financials and housing rolls into it.

great job Carl, keep it up.


Anonymous said...

Fair enough Carl. But your currency calls have been pretty bad. You need to improve on those I think.

Anonymous said...

hi carl
ill admit that i make a few sly remarks from time to time to your blog and i have seen you post them all . my remarks though are from my own point of veiw and i veiw them as just a debate from my point of veiw to yours . i also publish a financial web site and at first i had a place for people to post comments and then i toook it out since i was not able to moderate them . so i dont blame you for taking out the bad comments.
my work takes me away so updating my own site is difficult at times
i understand the work and time that goes into each update .
i have been at it for just over 3 years myself and i find your work a blend with my own so i do read your thoughts yet in the end i find that taking the information from my own work is what i use to trade by . and this is the only reason i post counter points of veiw from time to time . i have no idea how many people i have sent from my web site to yours yet i do
leave a link out there for people to click on . for me it is about providing good information for people to put together and not always giving them the entire picture . other times it is more straight forward and easy .
keep up the good work .
Joe Longwill

Jay Strauss said...

HI Carl
I try to read you everyday

current correction or at least the first leg should be over on Tuesday at 3pm

8% = 12,888

Anonymous said...

yes it is obvious this is a blog for the LITTLE GUY with limited knowledge and experience and of course because it is free why wouldn´t we love it.
But please keep things in perspective... 2 years of blogging is hardly anything we can call a track record, not forgetting that it has been a bull market. The way Carls projections work will be tested if he even gets the BigPicture wrong... I have seen so far how many time he has gotten the ST directions wrong. Never mind for all you greenhorns out there definetely something to keep following.

bzbtrader said...

Yours is one of the few site I check each day and I understand that caveat emptor prevails. Your calls on the Q and XLE have been astounding. Thank you for your unique mathematical perspective ... it is appeciated.

Anonymous said...

Carl -

thanks for your work and your blog.

while i basically agree with your "exponential" post re: gold (oil is similar), i might notice that conditions are slightly different than 1980. i believe we are in no man's land, with the US deficit out of control, and growth going crazy, to say nothing of having reached peak oil. i would agree with your forecast of volatility, but can easily see even higher prices!

Tim said...

hello carl, i'm not leaving a comment to publish but rather i found your blog after buying an ebook from a website called tradingfives. it makes use of calculations that are used to determine market reversals. the calculation methods are attributed to a "carl futia". is that you? my email is