Wednesday, July 18, 2007

S&P's, Spiders, and QQQQ's

Here are hourly charts of the September S&P e-mini futures, the Spiders, and the QQQQ's. I last commented on these markets here.
I think a modest correction has started but it shouldn't last more than a couple of trading days. I see support in the futures at 1537, in the Spiders at 152.50 and in the Q's at 49.20. Once this reaction is complete I expect another move upward to the targets you see on the charts.


Anonymous said...

Hmmm.... then your 3 peaks n doomed house chart if OFF by 2-3 weeks. doomed house chart shows the lAST 2 WEEKS of JULY as down weeks.


Anonymous said...

Hi Carl,

I am impressed by the results of your analysis, and extremely intrigued...
As I am also trying to learn, and get better at my trading, not just use this input blindly:

Would it be possible to give us an idea of how you calculate the upside targets and the slope (i.e. time duration) of the rally (the green lines) ?

Thank you so much for sharing with us.


LowTax said...

Steve, you need to go back and read Carl's posts from the very first one. Everything is in there.

Nidhi said...

Hi Carl,

Are the levels for SP500 & QQQQ that you have mentioned here are entirely based on the chart patterns? Do you also include other economic factors from the physical world to arrive at these support/resistance levels?

Really like the info here .. THanks


Anonymous said...

I think I could understand the level projection, based on Carl's box theory, probably.
What I don't understand, though, is the projection of the rally extent in days. It looks like it is based on some geometrical symmetry with the previous leg up?
It would greatly help if Carl would give us a hint.


MS said...

Gold keep trucking further up and away from the indicated resistance. Any comments? Also, any targets on $. Thanks.

Unknown said...


Lindsay cited these in his letter:

July 26, 1893 (point 1) to Sep 4, 1895 (point 23) in the Dow Jones 20 stock average.
July 26, 1910 (point 1) to Sep 30, 1912 (point 23) in the Dow Industrials.
October 1946 to November 1948
September 1964 to May 1966
October 9, 1966 to January 8, 1969.

here are some point 3 to point 23's
Oct 22, 1915 to Nov 21, 1916
June 5, 1919 to Nov 3, 1919
Sept 11, 1922 to Mar 20, 1923
Feb 5, 1929 to Sep 3, 1929
Nov 17, 1945 to May 29, 1946
Sep 13, 1951 to Jan 5, 1953
Apr 6, 1956 to Jul 12, 1957
Aug 3, 1959 to Dec 13, 1961

the structure implies the timing.
Hope this helps.


Anonymous said...


???? It doesn't make any sense ????