Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I expect this morning's low at 1041.50 to hold


MA said...

Carl, If the low of 1041.50 holds does the short term move to 1091 also hold?

Teich said...

I notice that /ES has formed a coil intraday today between 1042 and 1062, and it is winding tighter.

Thanks very much for teaching us how to read the tape, Carl. That was very generous of you. I have been trading /ES profitably by i) using the old-fashioned tape-reading techniques (using volume, etc.) I learned from your blog and ii) noticing the divergence between /ES and /NQ intraday.

For example, I just made a long-ES trade a few minutes ago after noticing a divergence:

Jack said...

can you say...Whipsawed?

Market went nowhere fast!


scenario said...

Thursday - another day with back and forth opinion ?