Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Will hold overnight

I am going to stick with my one long unit overnight. The market is digging into support and I think that the rest of the week will see some bullish action.


SpideR said...

Hi Carl.
On my blog witch is not an English blog. I have put a picture that you can find it here
what do you think of this picture from a contrarian view.
Even if September is such a bad month. How come all the media is there to alert the small investor :)

mmf said...


I have been following you since February and you've been pretty damn right the whole way - but this time I have my concerns - usually you hedge your bets, but this time you seem almost 100% sure. Since I havent followed you that long I wouldnt know if you've regularly hold overnight, but when you started doing so recently I was surprised. I cant helping feeling that a positive catalyst is needed right now as the trend is turning - in the absence of which the S&P is surely heading lower for now. As someone else said, the CNBC talking heads are all bearish and the herd may follow. Anyway, your calls have helped give me the confidence to stay long during the last 6 months - and thanks for that.