Thursday, September 10, 2009

sold long unit at 1037.50


snp500 said...

Beautiful entry and exit. I too purchased long but exited far sooner than you. I had a measured move up to 1039.00 and shorted 1038.75.

Excellent trade, sir!

Yobaby said...


Nice one!!!

dcatlowpj said...

Carl, your best entry yet since I have been following.

My trading partner and I are watching daily.


Jack said...

Very Nice!

Don't bet against Carl

PM said...

Hi Carl,

My model had a confirmed buy signal yesterday and a beautiful follow through today. We're going much higher and sooner than most people expect. I don't think 1200 is out of the question by late October.


Kindest regards,


Unknown said...

Guess I am one of those many, many amateurs you mentioned. After following your blog for more than 4 months now, I finally put money in it this week and I am glad I did!!

I wonder if you have any advice for the amateurs in how to remain disciplined given brokers require just ~2-3K margin for eminis. Guess one of the tough aspects of trading this way might be to have absolute control so that one doesn't go overboard to risk it all/loose it all.

Thanks again for sharing your insights!


Urban Carmel said...


You are obviously very good and I like your logic.

I would appreciate any views you have the bond market, especially the yield sell off today and how you see that impacting equities near term.

Keep it up.

Unknown said...

Carl - seems Tim Knight has been following your blog as well (or at least has caught up to you in your forecasts):

Anonymous said...

Technical or not this thing is going to 1200 fast and woon't be looking back

1200 was pre-lehman and will confirm that outside the financil panic we are experiencing just another recession..