Wednesday, September 02, 2009

repurchased one unit at 996.75


PM said...

Hi Carl,

My sell signal from yesterday was confirmed. However, if we can close today above 1001.00, then the sell signal may well be neutralized and a rally could likely occur for Thursday and Friday, but we need that close today. My best guess is that we will rally, this is still a bull market and yesterday's selling has probably been satisfied.


Kindest regards,


Anonymous said...

PM, we should, at least, retest today's low of ES @ 991 for a rebound. We may even break it and go lower. Suspense!!

Anonymous said...

It was interesting to see that the low of the day was tested only at the end of the day, on ES @ 991, in fact slightly after 4:00 p.m. EST.

As the market could not rally during the RTH, a rally may be attempted in the S&P Futures overnight. It should be easier and take less money, without having to back it up with buying SPY or other stocks.

Oh, the games at play!

Carl, as you may have noticed, I did not mentioned the word you probably abhor, i.e. "manipulation".