Tuesday, September 08, 2009

sold both long units at 1023.00


Robin said...

do you ever take short-positions

Adsense said...

look through his trading log
hey carl
thought id mention a few things
my bearish bias through august
proved somewhat right and wrong
the cycle began aug 7th and ended sept 7th . the dow gained very little to nothing in that period which does show market strength
the dog had a chance to bark yet didnt . we are now entering another bearish period , there is several that run from 1 to the next into nov 10th . given the failure to fall hard in this last period im a bit hesistant to take a very large trade yet im begining
to think that we will be in more of a sideways trend with an eventual decline , lastly the swing since nov 2008 are following a similar trend to that of 1955 1956. im talking about the swings in terms of time more then the pattern itself . not sure if this will form into a 3 peaks domed house or not but i find the similarites worth looking at in terms of the swing periods in terms of trading days .
good luck