Monday, February 12, 2007

Guesstimates on February 12, 8:50 am ET

Spiders - March S&P Futures: I think the Spiders are headed down to 142.70 and the S&P’s down to 1432. From those levels I shall look for a rally to new bull market highs. Meantime resistance in the Spiders is at 144.10 and in the S&P’s resistance is at 1446.

QQQQ: I expect the Q’s to hold support near 43.60 and then resume their rally into the 47-48 range.

TLT - March Bonds: TLT should drop to 86.00. The market has begun a trading range which should be followed a rally to 94-95. The bonds should drop to 108-28. I think a basing process has begun that will be followed by a move above the 115 level.

March 10 Year Notes: The notes will drop to 105-24. I think the market has begun a basing process. After it is complete I expect a move to above the 110 level.

Euro-US Dollar: The euro rally should hold resistance at 130.50 and has begun a drop to support near 126.90.

Dollar-Yen: The yen should rally to 123.20. Support remains at 119.80. I expect to see the yen trade at 130 in 2007.

OIH - USO - March Crude: Upside target for OIH at 140 was hit and the next swing should carry the market to 131. USO hit the 50 level and now should drop to 45. Crude has reached 60.00 and is about to drop to 54.00.

GLD - April Gold: GLD is headed for the 67-69 range before the bear market resumes. I expect April gold to rally to 675-690 and then resume its bear market.

March Silver
: I think silver will move higher to 1430. From there the bear market should resume.

Google: Google has dropped more than I expected but is approaching the low of its 454-513 trading range. I think this reaction will halt above 454, probably in the 458-460 zone. Then the a move up to 564 should begin.


Anonymous said...

I would be pretty surprised that GOOG won't touch the previous support: 450.

Anonymous said...

Hi Carl,
NYX continues to get killed, and has broken below the 92 support level today. Any update on your thoughts?

Anonymous said...

$43.60 Q's support held. Time to pump it back up.

Anonymous said...

NYX is cramers stock of the year so buy it! It makes more sense to buy it when it is down then when it was up.

Anonymous said...

a low on friday is what im looking for , price not my concern right here yet 1415 1408 spx cash index is what im expecting . lastly
all those bottom top top counts and botom top top counts line up into last week . the next cycle peak is due feb 26th march 2nd
from the peak spx should then fall to 1360 . the trend is down the bull run has one last cycle from
next week to feb 26th march 2 to move up if it fails the good nite irene into july aug cycle low .
goog to 406 by may 24th