Friday, February 23, 2007

S&P's, Spiders, and QQQQ's

Here are hourly charts of the March S&P futures, the Spiders, and the QQQQ's. I last commented on these markets here.

I think that a three phase reaction ended a short while ago in the Spiders and in the S&P's. If I am correct about this we should not see the S&P's close today below 1450 or the Spiders below 144.80.

I think the next swing upward will take the Spiders to 147.00, the S&P's to 1470 and the Q's to 46.40.

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pursuitist said...


Could you update the Domed House for the Nasdaq. It might shed some light on the 21-22-23 uncertainty on the DOW chart. Thanks. --Bob