Thursday, March 18, 2010

repurchased one unit at 1161.25


MK said...

Hi Carl,

Sorry, off subject, I was just seeing if you ever published a market forecast for 2010 - the previous ones made for very interested reading.

Thanks - MK

fibbone said...

Value breach Area lowland 1158,75 and min. 1157 target 1152/50.
Valter (Ialy)

EricH said...

Isn't this suppose to be an 'art of contrarian trading'? Keep buying those dips and join the crowd.

Eventually they'll pull the carpet underneath this market. Every dip buyers that made money over the past 2 weeks will give it all back.

Bank on that.

straightshooter1000 said...

I'm holding back the temptation to go short here. Watching from the sidelines. Have you considered posting the stops on each opening trade?