Tuesday, March 16, 2010

sold both units at 1150.75


Nick said...

GREAT TRADE! You make this seem easy. I was curious if you would hold through 2:15. Perfect Profit Protection!

URE is through the roof today on poor housing starts.

P said...

Excellent read to go long despite expecting a drop yesterday, Carl. Paid out handsomely.

And I think this makes a good exit, playing it safe before FOMC.

I think we are still due some consolidation or pullback.

Thank you.

MK said...

Hi Carl,

This is a great lesson on removing any pre thought opinions on market action and trading as you see it.

All the best - MK

Urban said...

What I really admire about this blog (aside from your very good analytics) is how you have captured gains and also side stepped pitfalls when the market has been giving unclear direction. It's model for how it should be done.

dcatlowpj said...

There are plenty of entries later.