Thursday, March 11, 2010

sold both units at 1137.50


catherine said...

that is what makes you a good trader

GeoffR said...

Not quite sure why you've changed your mind twice in one day

Perhaps you could give a little explanation on this ??


Joe said...

Hi Carl!

Great trade, I mean the exit. That is what also distiguish winners and losers.

I was just about to enter a kind of Warning, after I saw your first long position.

All of the market internals suggested a range day for the morning session at least, and
all of my predictons pointed to Bearish day Today.
In this scenario, I short at the range high and long at the range low.

I would highly advise to read the predictions from

Even if you are playing according to your game, it might be wise to know, what a winning system predicts for the next day.

Keep up the great work.

Congrat to you Carl!

Joe Papczun

fibbone said...

If I can say the prices today they oscillate in the Value Area between 1141.5 and 1146.5.
Valter (Italy)