Friday, March 05, 2010

sold both units at 1137.25


pimaCanyon said...

excellent, Carl!

Have a great weekend!

(PS I finally ordered your book last week and it arrived yesterday. Looking forward to some interesting reading over the weekend :-)

Jack said...

Nice Carl... Congrats!


Teich said...

Very nice trade!

Win said...

Awesome work, Carl! Congratulations.

curt said...

beautiful trade...i wish i had held my length also...but i guess u never go broke taking profit!

P said...

I think I'll get tired thanking you and yet I wouldn't have thanked you enough!

Joe said...

The markt sure spoke for itself today. Any reaction before we reach 1150 to expect?

Jack said...


You also had the benefit of a good jobs number today( gov manipulated)

I think if the jobs number was worse than expected some of your trade might have gone the other way.

But excellent work on your part!


RBharol said...

Do you think there will be a correction here before SnP heads to 1200, if so when you do expect it.


waw4 said...

Do you have a Top-to-Top count pointing to a high 3/14 +/- 5 days?

Tied to a Lo-Lo count of 3/9 (8/17/09 & 11/27/09 lows)?