Tuesday, March 30, 2010

sold both units at 1168.50


dcatlowpj said...

Good close. Right on the money.

TMG2010 said...

Carl, I guess u feel that a pullback to lower trendline is in order based on u selling your long positions...? Thx!

spycharter said...

we're going all the way down to 116.65 on SPY to close the gap

P said...

From Carl's previous example, wouldn't today's action so far fit a shakeout? We dropped a couple of points below yesterday's low after an attempted "break" from the _tight_ trading range we've seen for sometime now.

Since the drop, it's been a steady quick climb up to prior levels. Would be very curious to know Carl's take on this -- as its highly likely what I am thinking is just BS!

Thank you.

Jack said...

Yep, I mentioned yesterday. Market was/is in consolidation mode. No new highs for now. (This week anyway)