Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Buy the Euro

Here is my latest post on "The Art of Contrarian Trading".


Edwin said...

Hmmm. I see positive divergence in RSI, MACD and Stoch in the 60 minute chart going back to last Wednesday.

Just submitted my test/scout order and see if it will be skinned alive.

John said...

I would consider buying the Euro because of the contrarian play and net short position. But I don't really trust the ECB and EMU to do the right thing.

They have bungled too much and don't really understand the problem.

Furthermore, they're aggressive talk of supporting the EURO is a sure loser. They don't have firepower to fight the market based on the very limited Maastricht Treaty.

Edwin said...

I used UUP to confirm my entry (buying EURO. There are topping signs galore.

fletcher said...

Hi Karl,

I enjoy your work on a daily basis, and the fact that your calls and trading posts prove your profitability ! However I am now confused.

You recently disregarded (dare i say dismissed?) the covers of Newsweek, Time etc when they were running bullish covers such as 'America's Back' for a contrarian bearish stance, but are now espousing this weeks title as suitable for a Euro bullish contrarian view.

Is this not a case of finding titles that agree with your overall bullish stance, and disregarding covers that do not agree?

Joe said...

I'm seeing these posts saying how last thursday will end up being a great buying opportunity, and now, the euro is at a great bullish juncture. Is your money backing these assertions?

Lex87 said...

If you ask me, now is the time to dump the Euro. The banks are in trouble, the countries of the European Union are in tremendous debt and the social safely net of the countries of the region are much higher than world standards - and not affordable.

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