Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Guesstimates on March 18, 2009

June S&P  E-mini Futures: I again expect a day session range of 25-30 points today. The high should be near 783 and the low near755. Yesterday was generally an up day, so I think we shall see early strength today and then spend most of the day heading downward.  The 840 level is still my target for this move up from 666.

QQQ: The 26.00 level is still support and I think the Q’s have started a move to 35.00.  

June Bonds: I think the long term trend in the bond market is now definitely downward. Next downside target is 117.  

June 10 Year Notes: I think a bear market in the notes is underway. Next downside target is 118.

Euro-US Dollar: I now believe that the euro is headed for the 141.00 level. 127.50 is support.

Dollar-Yen: The yen has nearly reached the 100.00 level. There is as yet no indication that the move up from 87.00 is over, so I now estimate that the yen will reach 104.00 before a substantial reaction begins.   

April Crude: The 30-35 zone is long term support. The 50.00 level is resistance. I think the market has started to stabilize.

GLD – April Gold: I think the market is now headed below 700. Resistance above the market is at 945.

SLV - May Silver: Silver is still holding 1240 support but I think this level will soon be broken.  If it is the market will be on its way below 800.

Google: I think that its drop from 747 is over. Support is at 290. Next upside target is 410. 


Anonymous said...


I do agree that we may move to the 785-790 area, and then a BIG drop down to the 720-725 area... My indicators are telling me overbought up here and big drop coming within days/weeks...


Anonymous said...


New follower! Thank you for your posts/ideas/insights. Big help. Any plans to Twitter?