Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Late Update

The e-minis rallied from a late afternoon low at 787 all the way back to 812 (so far). The midpoint resistance level I am using stands at 811 and any strength above that level would mean that the market is headed for 840.


Anonymous said...

Hi carl
i still think this is a bunch or
corrective moves that need soem more time to complete . basically
once we get through this week
all of lindsays basic decline time spans will be satisfied . so choppy sloppy sideways moves
are kind of what i expect , todays quick 300 point nose dive as well as the bounce back up helps support that this is a reactionary low ( higher low ) yet we have yet to get to monday which is when all of lindsays basic declines will be satisfied . for my own work the cycle date of a low is march 27th
and it also corresponds with the aug 16th 2007 low . so we may see something similar , hence the print low could be friday and the closing low monday . after that
im full on in the bullish camp
for now just bullish letting time run its course .

Anonymous said...

hi carl
still digging through lindsays work yet i went back through his
time spans and then began from 2000
my conclusions are as follows and sooner or later i think you will post something on this so just
making note of a few things .
from early 2000 to may 21 2001 was all a sideways movement , so the dow began a long basic decline
may 21 2001 which lasted 429 days into july 24 2002 ( not everything made lower lows following then )
an extended basic advance began july 24 2002 and ended march 7 2005
this was 957 days , the dow then went into a sub normal basic decline from march 7 2005 to oct 27 2005 which lasted 234 days .
a long basic advance began oct 27 2005 and ended dec 26 2007 lasting 790 days , from dec 26 2007 the dow fell in a long basic decline lasting 439 days . ( only 10 longer then the drop from may 21 2001 to july 24 2002 .

Anonymous said...

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