Thursday, March 12, 2009

Long one unit at 717.75


Anonymous said...

great!!soon the stop will be hit

Anonymous said...

hi--how does it feel to be this naive--this was a sure sell--another case of bullish bias

Carl Futia said...

Dear 9:41 and 9:47,

Generally I delete your comments since you never have anything constructive to say. But this one time I thought I would post your moronic blathering just to show my other readers the sort of riff-raff lurking around this blog. Get Lost!!

Fermin said...

Dear Carl,

Please let loosers like 9:41 and 9:47 post their comments from time to time. Your blog is fantastic and full of insight and information, but these clowns do add a touch of fun that is also welcome, a pity they don´t post their names (suppose they are the kind of clowns that like to use a disguise).
Best Regards and keep up this great blog!