Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Today's range

Here is a five minute bar chart of today's e-mini day session. I am long two units.

I think we have seen the day session low and that the high will be near the 830 level. I am betting that the two high volume bars highlighted by the red arrows are breakout bars, not climax bars. If so then the midpoint of today's daytime range thus far (red dashed line) will act as support.

Plan B support is the midpoint of the reaction from Monday's 821 high to yesterday's 801 low - the 811 level.


Anonymous said...


a most impressive call; congrats and keep it up!


Anonymous said...

There is Treasury auction in the afternoon. The uk stuff didnt go that well..Also geither dropped a bomb saying he is open to china's suggestion about the SDR==so the commodities will get a boost as the dollar had a mini collapse. The afternoon be watchful

rc said...

Very nice Carl. If we get a intraday double bottom here at 11:00 it is another bullish factor in my opinion.


Anonymous said...

Thanks, Carl. Looks like it could be a busy day.

John M

Anonymous said...

GS a bit on the weak side...I'm keeping a tight rein on my long. It has been a leader on way up.

Anonymous said...

March leading indicators on a very weak side for all countries.
Difficult to rejoice
Good luck

Anonymous said...

Hi Carl:

Do you have any comments about gaps from the 4:15 close on the ES to the 9:30 am opening? It's seems that we have left quite a few gaps in this two week run-up. The latest one being today down at 803 Since we are in a bear market, is it not your expectation that these gaps get filled? If so, there is a big one all the way down to 674.

Also, are you still using P&F charts?

Anonymous said...

I see negative divergences in the MOMO stocks: Apple, Google and Amazon. I sold my GS into the pop today. I think we are topping. I am not short (although I have shorted today). Carl, your hand has been on fire lately. Congrats to you.

Anonymous said...

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